Different Gifts - One Purpose

Adoption is an amazing experience like no other.

We've been stressing that a lot here on the Project 147 blog. We believe that God calls us to care for orphans and show them the love of Christ (James 1:27). But not everyone is called to adopt.

As you most likely know, everyone has different God-given gifts, talents, qualities, and abilities that we can use to serve Christ. Some of us share His love through writing devotions. Others go to different countries to preach the Gospel. Still, others share His love through acts of kindness. Some of us may be gifted to encourage, while others are gifted listeners. The list is endless. But all Christians have one purpose for these gifts: to serve God and to show His light to others. Each Christian's gift is different, but the goal and purpose of all of the gifts is the same.

It's like that with adoption. God calls us all to love and care for orphans, but He doesn't call all of us to adopt.

Take prayer, for instance. Many people think it is good to pray and perhaps even do so regularly, but do not think that it is going to produce any kind of outcome. The truth is, God hears and answers every prayer - even if how He answers is not how we think He will or should. Praying for orphans is vitally important, and it can be just as affective as adoption.

What I'm trying to say is: what's your gift? How has God gifted you in the area of orphan care? Is He calling you to adopt a child, or perhaps help someone else adopt? Does He want you to start programs that raise money for orphans in your church or start a prayer group for orphans among your friends?

We are all called to love and care for orphans. In what way has God gifted you to do just that?

- Talia

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