Depraved Indifference

There is a condition that is rapidly spreading in the world.

It's like a sickness, a disease...only worse.

So many people fall victim to it, it's sad. No, it's awful. It's heart-wrenching, heart-breaking...

It's depraved indifference.

We applaud celebrities, athletes, musicians...we put them on pedestals, admire them, and envy them. We wish we were like them.

We go to sleep in our cozy homes each night not worrying whether or not we'll wake up in the morning.

We feed (and often over-feed) our bellies with whatever pleases us. We complain if we don't like the taste of something.

We have many possessions, toys, gifts...and we just keep wanting more.

But there are people across the globe - children, even - that have nothing. No clothes, no food, no one to care for them. Could you imagine your life without someone to love you, without food and water in your belly, without somewhere besides the hard, dirty ground to sleep every night?

Sure, we know that there are people who have less than us. We care, even. But we have become indifferent to them and to that life. It's someone else's problem. Let someone else care for orphans, for the unloved, for the starving.

But what if we stopped being indifferent and started taking action? What if we DID SOMETHING about it? What if we stopped worrying about our hair and clothes while some children and adults worry if they will survive the night? What if we stopped complaining about our possessions when children in other countries have to sleep in trees because there are hyenas that will eat them if they don't?

Think of the person you love the most. Now, imagine that they were across the globe somewhere, starving, with no clothes and no one to love them. Would you leave them there, declaring that it was someone else's problem? No! You would try to get to them as fast as you could, and if you couldn't personally reach them and help them, you'd get someone to do it - you'd see to it personally that the one you loved the most was cared for, fed, loved.

But those starving, lost, hurting people across the globe are God's children. It breaks His heart to see them in such a state.

But we just sit around, doing nothing.

Do not become a victim to depraved indifference. DO SOMETHING.


Brooke  – (June 20, 2012 at 4:51 PM)  

Beautiful. Powerful. Heartbreaking. So true. This definitely moved me. I am so posting the video clip on my blog soon.

Madison  – (June 20, 2012 at 9:22 PM)  

This post and video were so powerful and moving, and seriously impacted me. All I can say is thank you so much for this post...for spreading awareness...for your love for God's children...for your passion for the work of God. It's really touching me and working deep into my heart. God is using this in my life to help me look at my life in a different perspective. I want to live my life fully for God, bring Him glory in all I do, and not waste a single moment. Ehat you wrote really opened my eyes to see how I can worry about so many frivolous things and be concerned about this and that, when I forget about the bigger and greater purpose of life and that is to live fully and passionately for be His hands and His feet and to love others. Thank you, again for this post.

Blessings! Keep up the good's impacting lives.


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